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“I just passed the boards kudos to M and S NCLEX Review. I did everything that they offered. The computer cut me off at 75 and I knew I had passed. What a great feeling! ?

Amara Bourgeois

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Master Critical Thinking

Our NCLEX programs are designed to help you develop situational awareness and improve clinical judgment.

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NCLEX Questions are written in a specific way, we will break them down helping you to understand the question better.

Multiple Readiness Assessments

Our readiness exams help us determine your needs, your progress and ultimately build your confidence for test day.

Guessing Strategy

Sometimes you simply do not know the answer, our skills will help you increase the odds of a correct answer.

Interactive Content

M&S NCLEX Review contents and interactive lectures are straight to the point, simple, and easy to understand.

Priority Question Strategy

Priority questions can be tricky, our methods will give you the confidence to set the right order and pass.

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Our test prep gives you the tools, features & analytics you need to study confidently.

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M&S NCLEX Review is a highly rated resource for nursing students.


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